1.in 2. 12. 2018    Graz in December

December is the month when stores and streets are decorated for the holiday season, travel planning, or finding the right outfit for a party. Moj Korak travelers know that the early weeks of December provide a perfect opportunity to take a trip. We are planning a weekend trip to Graz this year. A charming, historic city to visit any time of year, Graz is especially festive during December.

More:  https://www.eol.si/plesni-izlet-v-gradec

Registration: info@eol.si

1. 12. 2018   LA MILONGUITA – a regular monthly milonga in Ljubljana

Where: Dance studio Moj korak, Vilharjeva 3, Ljubljana
When: Saturday, December 1, from 8 pm to 12 pm
Musicaliza: Resident Tango DJ Alenka Dermol

As always, we will have excellent traditional tango music with tandas & cortinas, just like at the best milongas in Buenos Aires.

Entrance fee 10 EUR includes drinks & some excellent home-made snacks.
Parking possible directly across the street.

Join us, and we will have a great time!

2. 12. 2018   TANGO practica Zvezdica with DJ KA (Katja Arhar)

Dates: 9. 12., 16. 12., 23. 12., 30. 12.

21. 12.  2018  Christmas Dance Party

Start the season off by joining us for a night of dance moves to Christmas music with DJ Mateja.

27. 12.  2018  Christmas ZOUK Eve

Welcome to join us at our ZOUK EVE in Ljubljana on December 27th from 8:00pm! There will be 90 minutes of zouk partnerwork workshop and social dancing!

💌Apply for workshops here:
Facebook – Masha Okorn
E-mail: dancinmasha@gmail.com

Workshop + FREE drinks & Christmas cookies

Social dancing + FREE drinks & Christmas cookies

27. 12.  2018  Ljubljana KIZZ nights // KIZZ GANG reunion

Welcome to join us at our regular sensual party @ dance studio Moj Korak! We dance kizomba, urban kiz, bachata and zouk.

This week you can expect 2 DROP IN workshops & UrbanKiz Party!

🕗20:00 – 21:00 KIZZ LADY STYLING WORKSHOP by Masha & Spela #KIZZBABEZ 🍑🍑 (All the ladies can join the workshop, even without any dance experience)
🕘21:00 – 22:00 URBAN DELIGHTS PARTNERWORK WORKSHOP by Masha & Gasper 💃🕺
🕙22:00 – PARTY z DJ LuckyLux (Luka) 🎧

30. 12. 2018
   New Year’s Eve Milonga ZVEZDICA

Let the warm tango light the Sunday night.
TDJ Mateja Juvan and Katja Arhar
Entrance fee: 10€, till 19h: 5€
Drinks & small snacks included

Parking across the Vilharjeva road – call 00386 059 345 300 to enter the parking