Let’s dance in JUNE

Dancing JUNE

We wish you a lot of dancing days in JUNE:

4. 6. 2017 Tango Practica ZVEZDICA

Every Sunday from 19 pm  TDJ KA.

Dates of practica: 11. 6., 18.6., 25.6.


16. 6.2017  KING Milonga on the Bled castle

Celebrate the beginning of the summer. Step into the ambience of Knight’s hall on the Bled castle warm and friendly milonga setting where inspiring music meets tango enthusiasts.


The King Milonga on Friday 16th of June at Bled Castle will be played by the wonderful DJ Alenka Dermol.
5 hours of pure tango bliss.
Come and enjoy a little piece of life.

Please sign up at the link below.

The Queen and the King
Mateja Juvan
Janez Medja



Milonga at the Bled castle last Friday – it was a wonderful evening with great energy. Thanks to DJ Alenka Dermol for bringing the smooth and charming beats to our milonga. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Municipality of Bled, Bled castle restaurant staff and Bled culture institute, especially to Špela Repnik for her diligence and coordination.
A king without a queen is not a real king, that’s why we are preparing »Queen Milonga«. We will let you know the date of the event soon. 


Cari tangheri! La King Milonga al castello di Bled è stata un successo! Con la vostra energia abbiamo creato un ambiente meraviglioso. Siamo molto contenti della grande risposta che abbiamo ricevuto da parte vostra. Ringraziamo la DJ Alenka Dermol per la splendida musica. La provincia e la città di Bled, il castello e tutti i suoi dipendenti, in particolar modo Špela Repnik per la sua diligenza a la sua oranizzazione. Ma… un re senza una regina non è un vero re! Ed è per questo che stiamo preparando un nuovo evento: la Queen Milonga! A breve vi faremo sapere la data dell’evento. Mateja & Janez


17.6. 2017  Dancing under the sky

Let’s celebrate the end of the dance year with a lot of dance friends, music and dance. In front of the dance studio Moj Korak doors.

The sky is open from 19pm.



18. 6. 2017  Tango with Guillermo Berzins

✰ Tango Masterclass with Guillermo Berzins “EMBELLISHMENTS for him and for her and GIROS MILONGUEROS” Ljubljana ✰❤️ Sunday June 18tht from 2.30PM to 5.30PM, 3 hours lesson with maestro Guillermo Berzins & assistant Teachers From GB TANGO ACADEMY of Trieste!!!► Workshop will be structured as follows:
– 1 hour: adornos for him and for her
– 2 hours: technique and style in order to discover all secrets of giros milongueros!✰ Level: Open level!!!

✰ Participation is after registration: contact GB TANGO also single, price of 20 euros – 3 hours of lesson!!!

✰ We are waiting for you all!!!

❤️ Where: Moj Korak – Vilharjeva cesta 3 – 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Organized by:

Thanks to Guillermo and Costanza. See you in September 🙂



30. 6. 2017 Workshop with Dante Sanchez

We are proud to have this unique opportunity to host Dante Sanchez in Ljubljana!

He will be conducting the following series of workshops focused predominantly on traditional tango de salon danced in Buenos Aires:

30th of June (16:00 – 19:00) – TECHNIQUE

– Men & women technique (focus on balance and connection)
– The walk; various types of walk for men and women
– Sacadas in linear and circular movement

1st of July (16:00 – 19:00) – MUSICALITY

– How to dance on slow and melodyc orchestras
– How to dance on fast and rithmic orchestras
– How to dance with Pugliese

2nd of July (16:00 – 19:00) – MILONGA

– Milonga
– Milonga Traspie
– Turns in Milonga

More about Dante Sanchez:

In 2007 Dante, dancing alongside Ines Muzzoppapa, won the World Tango Championship. Under the careful eye of two of the main tango maestros in Buenos Aires: Carlos & Rosa Peres who trained intensively with multiple generations of national, regional and world champions (Sebastián Achaval y Ximena Galliccio, “World Champions Tango Salón 2005”; Hiroshi y Kioko “World Tango Champions, Tango Salón 2009” , etc.).

From that point onwards Dante has dedicated himself to the teaching this important element of Argentine culture and pass on his knowledge to the next generation of dancers. Dante has tried to maintain the essence of the dance and culture which surrounds it, as he himself was taught.

At the same time, Tango being a popular dance is always changing and evolving and Dante uses these new elements to further for his own dance and that of his students.